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Welcome to Pernilestø Guest Harbour



Pernillestø Guest Harbour

Mooring  for 10 to 15 yachts.
Access to shower / toilets,  washing machine, clothes drier,
Garden furniture, barbecue, water and electricity.

Some Local History


Pernillestø, which lies at the  Northern end of Gjelsa, is named after Pernille Soren's daughter from Gjørøy - a neighboring island to the east. ;) She was born in 1799.
Pernille had a romantic attachment to Mourits in Gjelsa. She therefore often arranged errands  there. To make the visits a bit longer, she always rowed from Gjørøy to this pier on the east side of Gjelsa. From here you had to walk across a bay / tide pools. This could only be done at low tide. When high tide arrived, one had to wait 5-6 hours. If this occurred in the evening, she had to stay. Pernille got what she wanted, and was married to Mourits in 1821. ;-)
They had a son born to the family in 1825. By 1832 she was a widow.
She married twice again and had altogether six children.
Pernille was actually the previously mentioned Katrine`s aunt, both from the island Gjørøy and Mourits was Knut`s uncle, from Gjelsa. My great-great grandparents Katrine and Knut were married in 1888.
(see the history written on the page "Bulandet")
One of the dearest items Katrine owned was a rocking chair that I still have in my possession today. And it can still be used for philosopy and other thought experiments. ;-)

- Ingrid A. Gillesøy -

"Do you think then, that what
you search for is found in books
or that you uncover
your secret mistakes
by staring into a mirror?"
Knut Ødegård

Address: N-6987 Bulandet

Mobile: +47 916 919 18

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