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About Us

Bulandferie was founded in 1989. Since then several thousand people
have had the opportunity to enjoy this pearl of the sea.

This was the idea behind the project; that it should be possible for people
with no connection to Bulandet to experience such a place.
This remains our philosophy today.

The time we live in is so saturated with demands that we believe all are in
need of some respite. Days where our time is not demanded of us, where
we have the opportunity to just be ourselves, without the daily mayhem that imprisons us.
And gives us the possibility to see that we are worthy just by being who we are.

It is good to know that there is such a place; with open
skies and wide horizons. Where you can see the stars without competing
lights and silence has its own way of getting us to wonder..
Bulandsferie is a small, private company with only two employed.

Gunlaug Gillesøy
Tlf. 57732172 Mob. 91647196

Ingrid Anita Gillesøy
Tlf. 57732201 Mob. 91691918

6987 Bulandet

"The one who never while away the time, has never done anything but."


Address: N-6987 Bulandet

Mobile: +47 916 919 18



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